Your Obstetrics Care

Life is a gift we all share together. Giving birth is a joyous opportunity filled with excitement, purpose, and responsibility. As a community-minded OB/GYN, I embrace a healthier future for all, and a life that’s filled with caring, sharing service.

Your Gynaecological Care

I believe that Women’s healthcare calls out for a sensitive, caring and always capable professional who is eager to listen, open to exploring options, and always ready to manage any sensitive issues unique to feminine health and well-being.

Life is dynamic. It’s always changing and forever fluid. My mission is to help my patients through the most exciting times, as well as the often most difficult times which we all may encounter along our way. And although we may occasionally neglect or ignore it, our everyday and ongoing health and well-being is the most important gift we can give ourselves. I aim to be there each day so that together we can share that gift today, and we can make not only ourselves, but also our families healthier and stronger for tomorrow.

Dr. Neil Tamlin

Preparing for your Pregnancy

When preparing to conceive your child, it’s vitally important for every woman to be at her very healthiest best. We also have to manage any degree of natural uncertainty about your coming childbirth, which can often cause unnecessary concern. Today’s medical reality is that our number of simple, available medical solutions for any concern – necessary or otherwise – far outnumber any issues we may encounter during your pregnancy. We trust that simply visiting with us at our North Eastern offices – and sharing your concerns with a reliable, experienced, professional source of modern medical information – will always be easier, faster and ultimately much more soothing than wasting stressful hours going down online rabbit holes.

Your Pregnancy and Birth

Childbirth is a precious physical, emotional and often spiritual period of every woman’s life, as well as a profound personal experience. My professional mission, therefore, is to understand this period and then to help all women safely achieve their pregnancy goals, and allow them to experience the joys of childbirth in the most positive, healthiest atmosphere available to us. My personal goal is to ensure that every woman manages all of her time in the healthiest, most positive way, and that together we can help her achieve her moment with all the grace and glory that every mother deserves.

Your Postnatal Care

Unfortunately for all of us, newborn babies do not come with a manual. As with every person on our planet, we’re all unique individuals – with distinct similarities – and newborn babies are no exception. With my years of postnatal care experience, I’m always ready and very willing to guide new parents through the quite natural, but often stressful uncertainties about how to properly, safely and lovingly look after your beloved newborn. And I’m also very confident that our empathetic and vastly experienced midwives at North Eastern Hospital are absolutely second to none in providing excellent, practical, and consistently invaluable advice.

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