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Routine Gynaecological Check-ups

Our ongoing health is one of the most important aspects in all our lives. This is why we highly recommend regular gynaecological check-ups for all our patients. Regular check-ups can help us with any concerns we have or any issues we’re facing. At North Eastern, we also take a proactive approach with pre-emptive screening, which helps reduce any risk of cervical issues in your future.

Abnormal Cervical Screening Tests

Any “abnormal” test result can be very concerning. Receiving such results, however, does not necessarily mean, and will rarely lead to any serious issue. Of course, if you ever receive an abnormal smear result, I will immediately arrange to see you at short notice, to allay any unwarranted fears. Most resulting treatments involve only surveillance, but if treatment is required a minor procedure will often completely resolve the problem.

Other Treatments

Here at North Eastern Hospital we offer all our patients a full range of additional treatments as required or recommended by your physician. This range includes contraception consultation (with regards to insertion of the Mirena or Implanon), as well as full diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts, fibroids, and abnormal periods.

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Looking for a welcoming and caring specialist?